Second Planting at Orange ave Guerrilla Garden

At SoCal Guerrilla Gardening Club we use our Clean, Green, and Glean method of guerrilla gardening. We don’t always get to do all three. usually it’s Cleaning and Greening. But this guerrilla garden is old enough we get to do all three.


More new plants for the Orange Ave. Guerilla Garden planted  December 5, 2015.


Some of the plantings.


Hidden in the grass.


A big Agave pup and big cluster of Aloe nobilis in need of some breathing room.


Part of the Glean for the day.


Part of the first planting Nov. 2009


Sometimes I’m asked who weeds? If the garden fills in right there’s not much room for weeds.


More of the new additions.

P1000946 P1000956 P1000957 P1000993

First planting Nov. 2009


Second planting Nov. 2013


First planting Nov.2009

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  1. Hi Mel,
    I mostly get spammed in the comments so I rarely read them. In fact I was getting ready to turn off the comments on all the posts. But I thought i would look through some before deleting them when I found your comment. Thanks for the post but now I feel I should leave them on. Oh well. We’re on facebook also at

  2. Zone 3 is typically unmulched, un-pruned with water only available to select plants. I think of this zone as my guerrilla gardens, specifically the main garden.

  3. WOW, how did I never hear of this? I’m local…Going to have to check this group out! Thanks for the awesome pics.