New Guerrilla Garden in Skid Row area of L.A.

The before photo of the new guerrilla garden spot in the skid row area of downtown Los Angeles with the skyscrapers in the background. I got an email from Katherine McNenny asking if SoCal GG would like to be involved in this garden. Of course I said “YES!”.

General Jeff“The Mayor of Skid Row” looks pretty happy with the plant selection.

General Jeff planting a nice big Aloe nobilis

More plants for the Carson st. Guerrilla Garden

before (after the first plant’s in the ground)

It was a rainy morning after a very wet week but we went out in the rain to plant a few more succulents at the Carson st. Guerrilla Garden. The soil was pretty soaked but it made the digging very easy.


I wasn’t really into working in the mud but Matilda of  Biotopia Sustainable Landscaping was here from Sweden and was determined to get in some guerrilla gardening while she is in town. There were a couple plants I had to plant but she talked me , one plant at a time, into planting all the plants we brought.

We had a very light rain for the first half hour and then it stoped altogether making it easier to work in the mud without our rain gear on.

The garden looked great and even though there was just the two of us the work went pretty fast.

All photos Matilda of  Biotopia Sustainable Landscaping

dig in Long Beach 12-19-10

Sunday, December 19 · 9:30am – 12:30pm

7208 Carson St, Lakewood, CA on google maps.

This is the same spot we planted a guerrilla garden earlier this year. It’s at the San Gabriel bike trail entrance at Carson st. You can park in the Walmart parking area near the gas station and use the foot trail to get to the spot. If you have a tool you like to work (dig) with please bring it but if you don’t have any don’t worry because there will be plenty of tools to go around. All plants will be supplied by SoCal Guerilla Gardening as this is a full sun – no water location.

New Guerrilla Garden in Whittier


This dig started out with just me and Austin and another friend until Tim drove by and asked we needed some help. The next thing I know Tim and his three sons and their neighbor show up helped us plant the newest guerrilla garden in So Cal.  We planted 50+ agaves in about an hour.

New plants for an old guerrilla garden.

We invited a small group to come out to the Loynes guerrilla garden in Long Beach to do a major replanting. The garden has been under a bit of stress the past few years because of over watering during the rainy season. But the city has turned over control of the sprinklers to SoCal Guerrilla Gardening so it was a good time to start to fill in the bare areas.

One of the new additions to the garden is this variegated Agave vilmoriniana. I can’t wait for this beautiful plant to go to flower so we can harvest the bulbils. 

Nello with some of the 30+ Aloe nobilis planted Sunday 4-30-10.  They were just a few of the well over 100 plants brought to fill in the garden.

Some of the many Agave attenuata in the garden that have been there for years.

This is the far west end of the garden that has been pretty barren for a few years but we really filled it in with a few dozen plants.

Another large plant we planted is this beautiful Aloe  (name unknown).

This huge Agave perryi is another of the very large plants we planted as well as the smaller plants like the Aloe nobilis Sabrina is planting next to it.

We also planted a few dozen aeoniums that should fill in this area in a year or so.  In a couple years we will be able to glean a ton of cuttings to root up and fill in the rest of the garden.

Jennifer next to the Euphorbia ingens we added to the garden

The largest plant in the garden is this Agave americana. It’s putting out one of the biggest blooms I ever seen on an Agave.  Unfortunately A. americana don’t produce bulbils.

Thanks to everyone that came out to replant the garden!

Thanks to Jennifer Stroup for all above photos.

One and 1/2 years of growth.

I posted some photos  Sunday I took that day while cleaning up the Van Ness garden. I looked around for some photos from back in 08 when we planted the garden. Check out the growth! We might add a few more plants but in another year or so these plants will be packed in – just the way I like them.

What a difference 581 days, 13 hours  (or 1 year, 7 months, 4 days, 13 hours) make!

Planted Sept 20, 2008

Photo 4-25-2010

Cleaning up the Van Ness garden.

I had to work late so I missed the Rock n Crawl event yesterday. So I thought I’d finish off the week with something more for Earth Day by going up to the Van Ness guerrilla garden today to pick up the trash and pull the weeds.

I could not believe the amount of trash in the garden.  I work pretty fast so I was done picking up most the trash in about 15 minutes but I spent another 2 1/2 hours pulling the weeds.  As you can see in the before and after photos it  looks  so much better with just a little effort.

We planted 1/2 of this garden in September 2008 and the other 1/2 in November 2008. Most the plants have more than doubled in size. We’ll see if this garden can get by only on rain water this year.

There are a lot of Agave pups popping up and filling in all over in the garden. I removed the big Tequila sunrise pup to the left of the mother plant in the above photo. I’ll pot it and we’ll use it in another guerrilla garden in the fall.

Above, Two small but very nice variegated Agave Americana pups and three good sized agave pups in the below photo. I’ll leave these alone to let them fill in the garden. Well maybe I’ll pull one out from the one below as that agave is hard to come by.

Earth Day Dig 4-18-10 (a few days early)

We went back to the Carson st. guerrilla garden to add some more plants for Earth Day.  It was a great time gardening with friends. Bob Frint from work and Roly Polly of LAGG showed up to lend a hand.

Thanks to Ken Hada for suppling all above photos.

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