New Guerrilla Gardens in Wrigley, Long Beach

Some of the plants we used in the new guerrilla garden planted 4-25-2009 in the Wrigley area of Long Beach. Thanks to everyone that came out and helped plant a couple of great gardens.

Adriana is one of the new guerrilla gardeners (but not new to gardening!) from Wrigley. She and her husband Hector helped to organize the dig in their neighborhood.
Blanca and Ruben from SCR came down and helped out with the plantings. Kelly came from Santa Ana and Nick also came out to their first guerrilla gardening dig.
The spots were mostly clean with very few weeds so the planting went pretty fast leaving plenty of time to get to know new friends.
It looks nice now but in a very short time these plants fill the area in and be a very beautiful drought tolerant garden.


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  1. Hi catlady
    email me through the contact page and maybe we can work something out.

  2. catlady

    How about doing some of our neighbor’s yards!? We could really use the help to improve the look and sustainability over here : )
    Thanks so much for what you are doing and please come back. We need more help!!!

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  4. I’d like to find out more about this process for Wrigley. Is there more happening to clean and beautify our neighborhood?

  5. Thank you again Scott! I use some of your pictures on my blog. Hope it’s ok!