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This page contains links to websites related to guerrilla gardening and other inertests. E-mail me @  if you have a suggestions or need info on guerrila gardening.

Los Angeles guerrilla gardening forum — This is the unofficial site used by GGers in Los Angeles. Post your events here to get more gardeners involved. If your not in the LA area find a forum on this site that’s based near you and get involved! – Go here for info on the international guerrilla gardening movement

The Green Guerrillas – Guerrilla Gardening in New York for over 30 years!

The Tree of Life Nursery  — California Native Plants

Anarch in the Garden

more local guerrilla gardening info

Edmonton, Canada –Guerrilla Gardening in Canada

Los Angeles based Fallen Fruit

Urban farming in Los Angeles

Southern Califorina Blue Bird Club

The California Native Plant Society (CNPS)

Great info on plants goto

California Invasive Plant Council