Here are the latest photos of the Whittier garden. The three photos above were taken 10-18-09. I’ve been ┬áplanting a few new plants over the past couple of months and now that the rain is starting I’ll be bringing in a dozens more. There is an area across Whittier Blvd from here that we will be putting in a new garden (for the third time).


This garden was started at least 15 years ago. This is mostly an agave garden because there is no water available. It gets it’s water from rain only!


above photos – Whittier Guerrilla Garden 4-21-09
Agave vilmoriniana in bloom

above photo Whittier Guerrilla Garden 2004



sangagrielriver small

above photo Whittier Guerrilla Garden 2004

Above: Agave vilmoriniana flower stems almost fully grown and below the first flowers are starting to bloom. Unfortunately these, like most, agaves die after flowering so the garden has an open area right now that needs some plants. The good thing is each flower stem produces over 1000 bulbils. And that’s really great because that means lots of drought tolerant plants for guerrilla gardening in a couple of years.

above photo Whittier Guerrilla Garden 2004

whittier merged small