Unfortunately this garden lasted only 10 days before the city pulled it all out.

This was the Big Dig put on by SCR last Sunday March 15. This was the biggest “Guerrilla Gardening” event I’ve ever been to. We have been involved with the Kids from SCR and other GGers in a project for a film crew from USC film school. This was the finale to there project. To say the turn out was overwhelming would be an understatement. We will go back and fill in with more plants soon I hope.

All above photos of the big dig by Adam Goral
Me and Tony. Tony is homeless living on the streets near the BIg Dig garden but he when he saw what was going on he stopped and help clean up the site and plant the garden. It’s amazes me when someone with noting but the clothes on their back sees a guerrilla gardening action and feels the need to help out. Tony needed to worry about where he would get his next meal and where he would be sleeping that night but he still wanted to help out.