This is a LA Guerrilla Gardening.org project but we’ve been involved and donated a large portion of the plants so I’m listing it here. I like the way Mr Stamen said he was looking for a site, found it, put the call out to friends, and posted it on Guerrilla Gardening.org so more could join in. The first dig was Saturday June 14, 2008. There was a great turn out. There must have been 20 or more people.
Here’s a couple of before photos. There was a lot of trash but we cleaned it up in no time.
The devil grass on the other hand was impossible to fully remove. This garden is a great project. It has a lot of positives, like a Home Depot located right across the street, and there are sprinklers. But they need a lot of work before they could be put to use.
This is a photo after the first planting on 6-14-2008 The change is amazing!