We had a unbelievable turn out for the guerrilla gardening dig today in the LBC. Here’s a shot before we started working. You can see a pattern in the dirt where there once were plants.
Luckily for us there were no weeds so all we had to do was have fun laying out and planting the plants.

Photo Gary Farris

Doctor Trash (yes she is a real doctor) brought her baby boy along to help out. Photo by Jennifer Stroup

My friends Hank, Judi, and three generations of Dr. Julie’s family having a great time gardening together. Photo Gary Farris

Everyone had a great time in spite of the ground being pretty hard clay.
Photo by Jennifer Stroup
Peter saw us working and helped out with the planting. He lives around the corner and so he went home and got a cordless drill to repair the border. Peter works at the garage next door to the garden so he said he’d water and keep an eye on everything.
Val Zavala swinging the pickaxe.

Photo Gary Farris

This is Fern putting in the last plant in the Peace sign.

Most of the crew hung around long enough to get in the group photo. Thanks to everyone for helping out putting in a great garden.