I watered the Van Ness garden on 7-5-09 and took these photos. The plants have grown quite a bit as you can see from the pictures below taken right after the planting in September 08.

After the plants were taken we’ve hired a guard. He’s on duty 24/7.
There’s another “guard” looking over the Van Ness guerrilla garden. Chioko has lived very near the garden for over 30 years and is very happy with the new garden. She has adopted a few plants that she waters regularly. She was very upset with the plants being taken, more upset then I. She’s feisty and always gives me a hard time, just for fun (I hope!!).



I found this spot getting off the freeway going to the Sunset and Wilton site.  It’s at the end of the southbound 101 – Sunset blvd exit. At the corner of N.Van Ness and Harold Way. The ground looks pretty hard and there’s a lot of trash and weeds. But I think it’s going to be a great location to display a drought tolerate garden.  If you have any Agaves, Aloes, or other succulent type plants that have been in full sun feel free to bring them. I will be bringing a few large agaves and aloes as well as a small silk tree. There will be enough tools and work for everyone. But we need water. This location is very dry and we’re going to try to fill every hole with water before we put in a plant. So, if every one could bring some water it would really help out. Email your questions and/or your RSVP using the “contact us page”.


Thanks Angela for the photos!
This is a great start to what will be a very beautiful garden. Thanks so much for the plants Karin! They’re perfect for this location. I think we will be back a few more times this fall to finish this site off.  Hopefully sometime in November we will fill in the rest of the site with large plants. Later we will bring in smaller plants that will fill in between the larger plants. That wont be until after some rain.