New Guerrilla Garden in Skid Row Los Angeles

Well it’s been almost 2 years since we posted anything here but we have been busy gardening just not any “blogging”. After all we’re gardeners not bloggers. The last post was the before shots of this spot. So I thought … Continued

2nd Guerrilla Garden in the Skid Row area of L.A.

The spot for our new guerrilla gardening the skid row area of Los Angeles. This is our second garden in that part of town. After Talking with Katherine about the layout of the plants. Ralph saw us gardening and joined … Continued

New Guerrilla Garden in Skid Row area of L.A.

The before photo of the new guerrilla garden spot in the skid row area of downtown Los Angeles with the skyscrapers in the background. I got an email from Katherine McNenny asking if SoCal GG would like to be involved … Continued

More plants for the Carson st. Guerrilla Garden

before (after the first plant’s in the ground) It was a rainy morning after a very wet week but we went out in the rain to plant a few more succulents at the Carson st. Guerrilla Garden. The soil was … Continued

One and 1/2 years of growth.

I posted some photos ┬áSunday I took that day while cleaning up the Van Ness garden. I looked around for some photos from back in 08 when we planted the garden. Check out the growth! We might add a few … Continued

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