Trees, Trees, and more Trees

2016 has been a very busy year so far for the SoCal Guerrilla Gardening Club. We have planted hundreds of plants and dozens of tree so far. Google stopped listing our post so this is really a test post ti see if we show up on their search.



Tree for Jason’s Father.


Tree for Shannon’s Barry


Sunset off ramp 101 freeway.


Sunset off ramp 101 freeway.


Jacaranda Tree for Prince. Sunset off ramp 101 freeway.

MLK Day Guerrilla Gardening with Occidental College (the planting)


We were invited to partner with Occidental College for MLK Day of Volunteerism. So we picked a spot near the college on Eagle Rock Blvd.


The garden after the planting.



P1010887 P1010888 P1010891 P1010893 P1010895

Second Planting at Orange ave Guerrilla Garden

At SoCal Guerrilla Gardening Club we use our Clean, Green, and Glean method of guerrilla gardening. We don’t always get to do all three. usually it’s Cleaning and Greening. But this guerrilla garden is old enough we get to do all three.


More new plants for the Orange Ave. Guerilla Garden planted  December 5, 2015.


Some of the plantings.


Hidden in the grass.


A big Agave pup and big cluster of Aloe nobilis in need of some breathing room.


Part of the Glean for the day.


Part of the first planting Nov. 2009


Sometimes I’m asked who weeds? If the garden fills in right there’s not much room for weeds.


More of the new additions.

P1000946 P1000956 P1000957 P1000993

First planting Nov. 2009


Second planting Nov. 2013


First planting Nov.2009

New plants For Orange Ave. Guerrilla Garden.



The new plants for the first planting of this season on Nov. 28, 2015 at the Orange ave. guerrilla garden.


And here’s the Glean for the day.


Very nice Gleaned Agave.


Somehow I forgot to take any after pictures of the new plants in the ground. Oh well.


You can still enjoy photos of the first planting done November 10, 2009.


Area planted Nov. 2009


Plants from the second garden area planted November 7, 2013.


All other photos planted Nov.2013






Aloe Seedling for future SoCal Guerrilla Gardening projects.

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We ordered over 10,000 seeds this years to start growing more species of Aloes. Here’s are some of our 1000 Aloe barbarae AKA bainesii seedlings.


Aloe cooperi



Always a fav – Aloe dichotoma –






1 per100 Aloe aculeata
1 per100 Aloe africana
1 perPkt Aloe albida
1 per100 Aloe angelica
1 per100 Aloe boylei
1 per100 Aloe broomii
1 per100 Aloe burgerfortensis
1 per100 Aloe castanea
1 perPkt Aloe castanea x globuligemma
1 per100 Aloe chabaudii
1 perPkt Aloe chabaudii x lutescens
1 per100 Aloe chortolirioides
1 per100 Aloe comosa
1 per100 Aloe cooperi
1 per100 Aloe cryptopoda
1 perPkt Aloe dewetii
1 per100 Aloe dichotoma
1 per100 Aloe dyeri
1 per100 Aloe ecklonis
1 perPkt Aloe elgonica
1 per100 Aloe falcata
1 per100 Aloe ferox
1 perPkt Aloe ferox white
1 perPkt Aloe flexilifolia
1 per100 Aloe fosteri
1 per100 Aloe framesii
1 per100 Aloe glauca
1 per100 Aloe globuligemma
1 per100 Aloe greatheadii var davyana
1 per100 Aloe hereroensis
1 per100 Aloe khamiesensis
1 per100 Aloe krapohliana
1 perPkt Aloe kraussii
1 perPkt Aloe lettyae
1 per100 Aloe lineata
1 per100 Aloe littoralis
1 per100 Aloe lutescens
1 per100 Aloe maculata
1 per100 Aloe marlothii
1 per100 Aloe marlothii x globuligemma
1 per100 Aloe melanacantha
1 perPkt Aloe microstigma
1 per100 Aloe mitriformis
1 perPkt Aloe modesta
1 perPkt Aloe mudenensis
1 per100 Aloe ortholopha
1 perPkt Aloe pachygaster
1 perPkt Aloe parvibracteata
1 per100 Aloe peglerae
1 per100 Aloe petricola
1 perPkt Aloe pienaarii
1 per100 Aloe pluridens
1 perPkt Aloe polyphylla
1 per100 Aloe pretoriensis
1 per100 Aloe reitzii
1 per100 Aloe speciosa
1 per100 Aloe spicata (old name A.sessiliflora)
1 per100 Aloe striata
1 perPkt Aloe suprafoliata
1 perPkt Aloe tenuoir
1 perPkt Aloe umfoloziensis
1 per100 Aloe vanbalenii
1 perPkt Aloe vaombe
1 perPkt Aloe verecunda
1 per100 Aloe vryheidensis
1 per100 Aloe wickensii

Seeds Aloe ramosissima
Sizes available – 100 seeds : 2
Seeds Adansonia Madagascariensis
Select quantity – 5 seeds : 1
Seeds Adansonia rubrostipa
Select quantity – 5 seeds : 1
Seeds Agave bracteosa
Sizes available – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe camperi
Select quantity – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe claviflora
Sizes available – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe comptonii
Select quantity – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe dichotoma
Sizes available – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe elegans
Sizes available – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe gariepensis
Sizes available – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe kaokoensis
Select quantity – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe imalotensis
Select quantity – 25 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe melanacantha
Sizes available – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe riverae
Select quantity – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe spectabilis
Sizes available – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe thraskii
Sizes available – 500 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe tomentosa
Sizes available – 100 seeds : 1
Seeds Aloe vaombe
Sizes available – 500 seeds : 1



SoCal GGC joins up with MBGGC to Guerrilla Garden in Morro Bay, Ca.

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The stars of the show!




Taylor Newton keeping an eye on his crew


Andrew on the right is the president of the Morro Bay Guerrilla Gardening Club with his club members getting their dig on.


Sarah Elizabeth Bunfill adding some succulents to the garden


Bossman Taylor Newton of MBGGC






My bike tour guide Justin Seymour Porter showed me the MBGGC gardens around Morro Bay


The MBGGC unwinding after the planting. Someone (no names here) seemed to need to unwind all day.


A few succulents added to the garden with a very nice Monterey cypress grown from seed by the Morro Bay Guerrilla Gardening Club


Taylor Newton, Sahara, and Pres. Andrew enjoying one of their many Monterey cypress they have planted around Morro Bay

More plants for Lincoln Park guerrilla garden.


Went back to Lincoln Park in Long Beach to add more plants to the our guerrilla gardens. I finished the ring of aeoniums around the sister city signage and add a couple aloes.

P1000039 P1020138P1000052

New Guerrilla Garden in Lincoln Park, Long Beach, Ca.



This spot has been empty for a while so we decided to plant something here. The tree was there in August but it was stumped a month later. So we dug up the stump and planted a garden.


This sigh is for Long Beaches sister city in Japan.


First we cleared the mulch and laid out the design


I hadn’t seen Eric for long time but he showed up with his sons to do a little covert action.


P1020119 P1020116

P1020124P1020117  P1020138


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