SoCal GGC joins up with MBGGC to Guerrilla Garden in Morro Bay, Ca.

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The stars of the show!




Taylor Newton keeping an eye on his crew


Andrew on the right is the president of the Morro Bay Guerrilla Gardening Club with his club members getting their dig on.


Sarah Elizabeth Bunfill adding some succulents to the garden


Bossman Taylor Newton of MBGGC






My bike tour guide Justin Seymour Porter showed me the MBGGC gardens around Morro Bay


The MBGGC unwinding after the planting. Someone (no names here) seemed to need to unwind all day.


A few succulents added to the garden with a very nice Monterey cypress grown from seed by the Morro Bay Guerrilla Gardening Club


Taylor Newton, Sahara, and Pres. Andrew enjoying one of their many Monterey cypress they have planted around Morro Bay

More plants for Lincoln Park guerrilla garden.


Went back to Lincoln Park in Long Beach to add more plants to the our guerrilla gardens. I finished the ring of aeoniums around the sister city signage and add a couple aloes.

P1000039 P1020138P1000052

New Guerrilla Garden in Lincoln Park, Long Beach, Ca.



This spot has been empty for a while so we decided to plant something here. The tree was there in August but it was stumped a month later. So we dug up the stump and planted a garden.


This sigh is for Long Beaches sister city in Japan.


First we cleared the mulch and laid out the design


I hadn’t seen Eric for long time but he showed up with his sons to do a little covert action.


P1020119 P1020116

P1020124P1020117  P1020138


Guerrilla Gardening This Saturday in Long Beach.


We will be planting a new guerrilla Garden in Lincoln Park downtown Long Beach this Saturday 10-11-2014. SoCal Guerrilla Gardening will supply all the succulents for this new project.  P1020101

There will be enough tools to go around so all you need to bring is a pair of gloves and a bit of energy. P1020104

The plants for the new garden.

new plants for skid row gardens.

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This guerrilla garden was planted with permission at the Volunteers of America in the skid row area of Los Angeles. It’s a very tough spot to garden because it’s a very high foot traffic area with hundreds of homeless people using the gate next to the garden. And people walk through the garden to knock on the window at night beating up plants a bit. The first photo is the garden before we planted anything. The second is this first  planting back in 2012. The third photo is today when we went back to fill in the areas where the plants didn’t hold up. It doesn’t look very good but it’s been on it’s own for 2 years.

New Guerrilla Garden in Skid Row Los Angeles

Well it’s been almost 2 years since we posted anything here but we have been busy gardening just not any “blogging”. After all we’re gardeners not bloggers. The last post was the before shots of this spot. So I thought I’d pick up where we left off with the after photos of this project. We planted this garden May 20th 2012 in the Skid Row area of downtown Los Angeles.

Above is the before and below the after photo.

Our main connection/gardener in the skid row area is Kathleen Mcnenny. She got in touch with SoCal GG about a few spots in her neighborhood. This was the third garden we planted together.  Check out her new website industrial district green

Guerrilla Garden Planting this Sunday 5-20-2012

We’re putting in a new guerrilla garden in Los Angeles.

628 s San Julian, volunteer of America,

This Sunday, May 20th at 9am. It’s a little spot that should not take to much time.

SoCal GG will supply all the plants and there will plenty of tools.

So you’ll just need some gloves.

Parking looks VERY limited on this street.

But I think you can park on around the corner on 7th.

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